I've decided to make my artwork easily accessible to a larger audience. 1inajillian is a new Etsy store featuring hand-painted, custom purses and accessories. You can now choose the artwork and the features you want in a purse lining and I will make a one-of-a-kind purse just for you.

Here are some early samples of my work. Better photography coming soon. LOL!

Dream Purse

16"x12"x4" hand-painted canvas purse with inset zipper and metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag.

Dream_front Dream_front

Flag Purse

16"x12"x4" hand-painted canvas purse with inset zipper, monogrammed accordion pocket on front, and coordinating lining fabric in a patriotic theme.

Dream_front Dream_front

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I've started working in stained glass. Check out my first design!

Fractal Butterfly Nebula

I'm very excited to show you my lastest painting! View the work in progress and read about the conceptualization of the painting.