Fine Art Portfolio - Fractal Butterfly Nebula - 2010

Size: 44" x 44", Acrylic on Canvas

Not for Sale

I thought my Organic Fractals series was long behind me. Then last Autumn a new concept grabbed me and just wouldn't let go. This painting is a merging of the Music Landscapes and the Organic Fractals. Below is an animation of the painting in progress.

In 1999, I found that the music I listened to while painting had an impact on the final painting. This was always apparent when I analyzed the painting afterward.

Ten years have passed and I haven't had many opportunities to paint. I began listening to the music of Garou, a French-Canadian pop singer, and suddenly the imagery for this painting popped into my head. It wouldn't let me rest until I captured it on canvas. Suddenly the music is driving the content—stunning and delightful! I owe a big "Thank You" to Garou for the inspiration!

P.S. To my knowledge, Garou doesn't have any songs about flowers and butterflies. :-)


Update: I'm currently working on a stained glass version of this painting. I'll post it to the site when it's completed! March 2012