Fine Art Portfolio - Tree of Life Memorial - 2011

Size: 6" x 6", Acrylic on Canvas

Project Art Aid

The tree is a recurring theme in my fractal artwork. A forest represents individuals standing together—interconnected and never alone.

I am dedicating this painting to family and friends that I've lost to cancer. Their names are on the sides of the painting to be remembered forever in a permanent installation mosaic for Project Art Aid's American Cancer Society fundraiser.

Roger Harrington, uncle
died from leukemia

Harry Harrington, grandfather
died from liver cancer

Ray Hudson, grandfather
died from brain cancer

Diane Tongate, friend
died from lung cancer


I joined Project Art Aid to create several paintings to be auctioned off for an American Cancer Society fundraiser. This is a 6x6 canvas that has been collaged together with 99 other artist's canvases to create a permanent installation piece.