Fine Art Portfolio - Pink Fractal Butterfly - 2011

Size: 4 12" x 12" canvases, Acrylic on Canvas

Project Art Aid

Spreading my imagery across four canvases is not a stretch for me at all. I've always considered my fractal paintings to be a fragment of a larger whole. Each canvas works separately as an abstract and together as a series of fractals coming together as a larger fractal — the perfect microcosm/macrocosm metaphor.

These paintings along with about 150 others are available via silent auction for Project Art Aid's American Cancer Society fundraiser on June 17, 2011.

"In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, Project Art Aid is organizing an exhibition of original artwork from local artists called “Project Art Aid Goes Pink.” Full proceeds will benefit the Charlotte Chapter of the American Cancer Society and their "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" campaign. The exhibition will have two events. The “One-Cause” Exhibit will include 12×12 canvases, which will be individually exhibited and auctioned. Additionally, the exhibition will include a mosaic made of 100 6”x6” canvases that when assembled will comprise a heart shape. The “One Heart” mosaic will become a permanent installation at a local hospital. The heart mosaic and the individual larger canvases will debut at the American Cancer Society’s Survivor’s Dinner, to be held on June 17th at the Wachovia Atrium."