Fine Art Portfolio

I see the beauty and complexity in nature - everything from the veins in leaves to the swirl of the Milky Way. For myself and my art work, I don't seek to explain God or the universe. I merely want to draw attention to the beauty and mystery that surrounds us. Awareness of nature and spirituality is the first step. Next is appreciation. If you appreciate something, the next logical step would be preservation, both of nature and of your new spiritual awareness.

Many people who see my work may not make the intuitive leap from paint on canvas to spiritual awareness. My hope for them is that they will see something in the physicality of the paint or the emotion in the color that will keep them interested long enough to dig out the message of the mental and spiritual layers. It would be the beginning of bringing together body, heart, mind and soul - to exist on all four levels. That is all any artist can hope for.

Drawings from life drawing class and studies from real life; media include china markers, charcoal, oil pastels, conte and pencil

Paintings concepts include organic fractals, emotional landscapes and spiritual abstracts; media include oil, acrylic and oil bars

Hand-painted Bags and Accessories

Stained Glass




Additional work coming


I've started working in stained glass. Check out my first design!

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Fractal Butterfly Nebula

I'm very excited to show you my lastest painting! View the work in progress and read about the conceptualization of the painting.